Hermes Charles

Greetings from Hermes Charles!

As best as I can remember, my name has not always been Hermes Charles. I can dimly recall being placed in a basket made from recycled guitar picks, floating down a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay until a kindly woman found me. She was carrying a transistor radio that was playing wonderful music. I babbled something which she took to mean, “What’s that sound?” And she replied, “Ray Charles!”

So I remembered this formative event, and when it came time for me to choose a name—at least a last name—I decided that it should be “Charles.”

I chose “Hermes” as a first name in tribute to the fleet-footed messenger god of Mt. Olympus. One of his duties was the stewardship of street musicians, and as a former (and maybe future) busker, I figure it might be good to have him on my side.

Anyway, all nomenclature aside, I hope you enjoy listening to some or all of Move It.


Hermes Charles