Hermes Charles

Black Ankle Vineyard

There is nothing better than drinking some great wine and listening to some great music.

When Hermes Charles was knee high to a vine, he would come out to Mount Airy with his family and help with the harvest. Back in those days all sorts of grape pickers would ride the harvest all the way from Asheville, NC, to Portsmouth, NH.

Hermes met a roadie for Neil Young, who had just finished The Harvest tour. He told little Hermes about the legendary guitar solos that would mesmerize the audiences, but even a young Hermes knew that all too well.

What he didn’t know was that Neil would stop in garages along the tour. He’d just slip away from the tour bus and play some acoustic guitar for the mechanics. He’d never really introduce himself, just hand out a jug of his favorite Maryland wine his roadie kept in stock, and start playing.

They were always appreciative of the entertainment, but they would never give that jug of wine back. Black Ankle might have started off small like Hermes, but they have both aged well into their legendary status.

So come on out, the wine doesn’t come in jugs anymore, and Hermes is a little taller now, but it’s great time.